Industry leading software to manage and sell WiFi HotSpot access. Provide free Internet with social login, collect data, engage WiFi customers with ads, coupons and surveys

HotSpot Software

Helps you control and bill Internet access by redirecting your customers to sign-in or pay on your login page

  • Easy setup with any hardware and live support
  • Collect payment or allow free access
  • Keep 100% of the profits
  • Control time and bandwidth
  • Manage millions of users
  • Scalable from 1 room to 1 city
  • No installation required by users
  • No credit card or E-mail required
  • Free support to get setup fast
  • Live chat, phone, email, knowledge base
  • All features included in trial
  • Upgrades to next major release
  • License is good forever

Internet Cafe Software

Controls & secures your cyber cafe, gaming center & public computers

  • Control your computers and gaming consoles
  • Collect payment or allow free access
  • Control time and bandwidth
  • Manage WiFi connections
  • Customizable pricing and security
  • Includes point of sale solution
  • Controls all your printers

Some of our customers

Leading the Industry by 3X our second place competitor in HotSpot Software and Internet Cafe Software Solutions. Deployed in over 170 countries.

Kiosk Software

Run a computer as a self service stand-alone kiosk

  • Protect your public computer or kiosk
  • Securely display your website or application
  • Prevents hacking and downtime
  • Restricts access to desktop, drives, programs
  • Blocks the system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Secure Browser replaces IE and limits access
  • Displays advertisement: videos, images, flash